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The Story of the Spider Blind

Spider Hunting Gear, LLC is a Florida based company made up of three hunting buddies and a mother.
Spider Blinds - Hunting Gear
It all began about four years ago in a hunting club in South Georgia.

Lenny Jeziorski was faced with a problem while deer hunting in a tract of woods which consisted primarily of mature long leaf pines.
One day while hunting, Lenny noticed some of the pines had leafy vines growing on them. Lenny eventually used the leafy vines to help breakup his outline. Since the leafy vines did not grow in all the pines in the areas Lenny wished to hunt, he bought some camouflage material and cut it into strips so it would resemble leafy vines. It worked great. The material provided just enough cover to break up his outline. Lenny then began to use the material/blind while turkey hunting. After several modifications and changes Lenny applied for a U.S. patent. Lenny finally showed the blind to a few of his hunting buddies and they saw first hand it worked. The blind Lenny Jeziorski designed and built resembled a spider, so naturally the blind was called "Spider Blind".

  • The Spider Blind is light, easy and quick to set up and take down. It is inexpensive. It works great, but best of all it gives you the feeling of being in the outdoors while still providing concealment.
  • The leafy edges of the Spider blind move with the slightest of breezes which help disguise hunter movement.
  • The legs of the blind are adjustable so you can place them wherever you need cover the most.
  • The Spider Blind is hand sewn in the USA, Crawfordville, Florida.